The Geospatial Data Repository is a pioneering effort to provide free and open geospatial data for the Lower Mekong region. The platform is built on open source software with the goal of making geospatial data available to decision makers in the region in a format consistent with their operations. It is an open source platform that facilitates the creation, sharing, and collaborative use of geospatial data.

The Geospatial Data Repository is an initiative of SERVIR-Mekong that aims to improve environmental management and resilience to climate change in the Lower Mekong region through the increased application of geospatial analysis to critical, urgent, or common policy and planning needs. It leverages space-based technologies to help communities develop local solutions to global issues. SERVIR-Mekong equips governments, regional institutions and other key stakeholders in the Lower Mekong countries to employ publicly-available satellite imagery and geospatial technologies such as mapping and analysis software. This information is essential for improving environmental management and building greater resilience to the negative effects of climate change. Learn more about SERVIR-Mekong at our website:

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